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Community Hall Reservation

Community hall use and reservation guidelines:

The community hall (back prayer hall) may be reserved for a wedding ceremony, Aqiqa, community gathering, etc. Reservation of the community hall is for functions that are open to all members of our community without any conditions. The community hall is not available to private events. The following are guidelines for reservations and use:

  1. Must reserve at least two weeks prior to the event.

  2. The kitchen may be used for the function if requested at time of reservation.

  3. Alcohol, smoking and music are not allowed.

  4. Food will not be allowed on the carpeted area of the hall.

  5. Extra tables and chairs can be provided if requested at time of reservation.

  6. The organizer is responsible for cleaning the facility and restoring it to the state it was received.

  7. $300 deposit is required and will be fully refunded once the facility is inspected and to be found in the state it was before the event, if not the money will be used to pay for professional cleaning and the responsible party will lose its right to use the facility in future.

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